College has a good library with 38184 books. A circulation of 7 newspapers in Hindi, 5 in English and 40 journals and magazines enrich the students and teachers as well. Library also has a Book-Bank which helps the poor SCI ST students.

Library has been shifted to New Library Block and its automation has been initiated. The college has already procured SOUL Network version from INFLIBNET Ahmadabad.

New Library Block has a well equipped Conference Hall to conduct conferences and seminars.

IT Lab

At present the IT Lab is catering to the demands of about 4000 students in the fields of basic computer science and information technology. The separate time table has been designed for the IT Lab so that each student of the college gets hands on experience and feels himself/herself comfortable in the world of computer literacy and information technology. All the computers are interconnected through LAN and broad-band service is available 24X7 days a week.

The objectives of the IT Lab are to make the users

  • Familiar with Computer and related technology
  • Capable to use the word processing software (MS Word) for preparing the documents
  • Capable to use the spreadsheet package (MS Excel) in their study related problems
  • Capable to use the MS PowerPoint for making presentation slides for seminar/lecture purpose
  • Learn the LaTeX, a scientific documentation preparation system
  • Capable to browse the internet for academic content and reference material
  • Learn the Email operation
  • Science Labs

    In physics class, lab is central, Integral, Sacred. More than a mere place in the backyard of the classroom, the laboratory is the place where physics students do physics. It is in the laboratory that physics students learn to practice the activities of scientists - asking questions, performing experiments, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore. This is the prominent place in their academics, where they start doing PHYSICS rather than learning it.

    Here at VGC Mandi, the Physics Lab is equipped with all the equipments required for doing the experiments for the students pursuing three year degree course in Physics.

    The department of Chemistry has two well equipped and well furnished laboratories. Both the labs are having almost all the chemicals and glass apparatus which are required as per the syllabus framed by H. P. University. Each lab is having a capacity of approximately 30 students. Both the labs are fitted with LPG gas fitting which enables the students to perform the practicals even if there is no supply of electricity. The lab also has heating ovens and Muffle furnace. The lab is also having a refrigerator which helps in storing some chemicals which are to be stored at a lower temperatures and in also providing ice which is required in some practicals. Recently a Digital Electronic balance was purchased which helps the students in carrying the accurate weighing in a much lesser time.

    The Biology Lab of this college has a very unique and rare collection of specimen and models. There is a collective museum of Botany and Zoology departments. The museum is endowed with a model depicting the evolution of Homo sapiens. It has skeleton of man – exhibiting each and every bone of man, which serves greater purpose in understanding the finer details of bones and their location. There is enough collection of specimen and slides as needed for the students pursuing undergraduate course in Biology. It also has an aquarium, distillation plant and all other material required for taking practical.

    College Seminar Hall

    New Library Block has a Conference Hall to conduct conferences and seminars.

    It is equipped with LCD projector, Giant Screen and other infrastructure needed for its effective operation.


    The college has a Girls Hostel with a capacity to accommodate 100 students. Hostel is allotted strictly on academic merit basis.

    The following rules are to be observed strictly by the hostel inmates :

    • The Hostel warden appoints a hostel Prefect who looks after the discipline and daily attendance of the girls.
    • The mess is run on cooperative basis.
    • No inmate is allowed to use electric appliances in the room.
    • Entry of outsiders in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
    • Use of drugs or intoxicants, smoking and ragging in the hostel are offences which can result in the eviction of the offender from the hostel.
    • Pets are not allowed in the hostel.
    • No boarder is allowed to proceed to her native place without prior permission of Hostel warden. On leaving /vacating the hostel, the boarder shall have to procure a "No Dues Certificate" from the hostel warden.


    H.O. A/c Fee and Funds Amount to be charged
    Govt. Funds Hostel Admission fee 10.00 p.a.
      Room rent per seat @ Rs.30.00 per month 360.00p.a.
    College Dues Hostel Security (Refundable) 500.00
      Furniture Security (Refundable) 100.00
      Utensil Charges 30.00 p.a.
      Hostel Identity Cards 5.00 p.a.
      Common Room Fund 120.00 p.a.
      Attendant Fee 300.00 p.a.
      Clerical Assistance Fee 60.00 p.a.
      Electricity Charges 360.00 p.a.
      Water Charges 120.00 p.a.
      Sweeper Charges 180.00 p.a.
      Depreciation Charges 100.00 p.a.
      TOTAL 2245.00
      Mess Advance 500.00 (Refundable / adjustable)
      Mess Charges Extra  

    The college has a study centre of INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (IGNOU)
    CODE - 1102

    Counseling sessions are regularly held on Saturdays and Sundays. This study centre is running about 30 courses including MBA, BCA, CIC, Tourism Studies, BA, B.Sc., B.Com.,PG Diploma in rural development, PG DIBO, environmental studies, certificate in Nutrition, Teaching in English and many other courses are related to Women's Empowerments programmes.

    Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla, the college is imparting education to youths in various disciplines i.e. humanities, science and commerce at undergraduate level. The admission in all disciplines in the first year of bachelor degree courses is offered as per HPU norms. The college is recognized by UGC, New Delhi and is covered under section 2 (f) and 12 B of UGC Act. 1956.

    Contact Us

    Address: Vallabh Government College
    District Mandi,
    Himachal Pradesh
    PIN - 175001

    Phone Number:  (01905)-235505